CRineta Leaders

President: Zac Harlan

Zac Harlan
I am a software development manager for J&P Cycles which is based in Anamosa, Iowa. J&P Cycles is the world’s leading aftermarket retailer for motorcycle parts and accessories and one of Iowa’s largest eCommerce sites. I believe in Agile development processes and work to focus my and my teams efforts on “being Agile” more than “doing Agile”. As a software professional for well over a decade I pride himself on being a “full stack” developer having worked in such industries as eCommerce/retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, and health care. I carry with me a pragmatic approach to building software and look to improve processes that will improve the business, both inside and outside of software.

I am also a co-leader of Iowa Code Camp.

Speaker Liaison: Greg Sohl

Greg is a solution architect with StoneRiver in Cedar Rapids. Working daily in .NET from both an architecture and development perspective, he enjoys the opportunities the group affords to gain knowledge from peers and to share ideas.

Greg is also a president of Iowa Code Camp.