August 3rd Meeting Information

DevOps. For some reason its a thing by name now. If you ask me, it’s always been a thing. It’s a thing to Matt Ash and he’s going to tell you about it. Specifically how to do continuous builds and deployment with Team City and Octo Depoy. Great stuff. If you plan on attending the meeting on July 6th, please RSVP on

Topic: Continuous Awesomeness with Team City + Octo Deploy

Do you lack confidence in your build and deployment process? Are your processes manual, cumbersome, or unreliable? There are many tools in the market that address these issues, but how do you know where to start and which products to use?

I’ll introduce you to two popular products: TeamCity and Octopus Deploy. We’ll discuss some basic and advanced concepts of each tool, and then dive into a demo. The demo will start with getting an application from GitHub to build and run tests in TeamCity. Next, we’ll deploy it with Octopus. Lastly, we’ll tie both products together to end up with one fine-tuned, continuously integrated application. You’ll walk away asking yourself “Where have you been all my life?”, and “What’s with all the Big Lebowski references?”.

Speaker: Matt Ash
Matt Ash is currently an Application Development Team Lead at UFG. He was led to the development industry because he frequently gets bored with things (including his first job or two out of college), but found with development, you can never be bored if you embrace change and love to learn. With this philosophy he’s been able to build successful solutions across a range of technologies from .NET to Ruby, all the while never allowing a single razor to touch his face.

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