July 6th Meeting Information

You were expecting Jason Bock, but that will have to wait for another time. Instead we’ve got some great JavaScript information for you! Todd Gardner will help us know what to do when your JavaScript goes wrong. If you plan on attending the meeting on July 6th, please RSVP.

Topic: JavaScript Forensics

Something terrible happened here. Traces of errors litter the floor; memory leaking from cracks in the ceiling. Someone lost their object context in the corner. Everything reeks of jank. In this session, a JavaScript error tracking expert breaks down a series of common and complex crimes against web applications. You’ll leave the session armed with techniques and tools to detect, diagnose, and fix your JavaScript web applications. Bring your bugs and let’s fix up our web.

Speaker: Todd Gardner

Todd H Gardner is the president and co-founder of TrackJS (trackjs.com), an error monitoring service for modern JavaScript applications. He also consults with companies to help develop their business and their products for the web. With over a decade of experience building software systems, Todd has built large enterprise systems, complex software products, and launched businesses.


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