June 1st Meeting Information

Docker is hot! A sandboxish container for running isolated applications in Linux, Microsoft now supports it on Azure and has ported the Docker client to Windows. Much more is coming down the pike. Come on out and get to know Docker from Chris Ortman! If you plan on attending the meeting on June 1st, please RSVP.

Topic: Docker and Containers

It is an expectation of any decent project nowadays that you should be able to clone and run a command to get working software. Why shouldn’t we have the same expectation for our servers.

I’m going to show you how to setup a jira, team city, and drupal servers (in the first 5 minutes) and then get into the details of what makes it possible.

Speaker: Chris Ortman

Chris has spent the last decade helping teams build web apps and api’s ranging from real time telecommunications to golfing startups and local search engines. He is a newly minted Iowegian and now does rails for UI. He founded the South Dakota DNUG, co-organizes South Dakota Code Camp, and is a former INETA regional mentor.


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