May 4th Meeting Information

May will shift gears from code more towards the process side of software development. Zac Harlan will share with us his experiences applying Agile in his development environment. Join us to learn from Zac’s experience and find things you can apply to your own environments and work. If you plan on attending our meeting on May 4th, please RSVP.

Topic: Agile in the Real World

I’ve read “all” the Scrum/Agile books, I’ve implemented them exactly by the book and my projects still nearly failed. This session will be about how I used a Scrum/Agile approach on a large project, where Agile fell down and how I resolved the issues. If you plan to undertake a larger project, this session is a must for you.

Speaker: Zac Harlan

Zac Harlan is an application development manager for J&P Cycles which is based in Anamosa, Iowa. J&P Cycles is the world’s leading aftermarket retailer for motorcycle parts and accessories and one of Iowa’s largest eCommerce sites. Zac believes in Agile development processes and works to focus his and his teams efforts on “being Agile” more than “doing Agile”. As a software professional for well over a decade Zac prides himself on being a “full stack” developer having worked in such industries as eCommerce/retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, and health care. Zac carries with him a pragmatic approach to building software and looks to improve processes that will improve the business, both inside and outside of software.


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