December – Get into AutoMapper!

For our December meeting, Nate Adams returns to share information on the great tool, Automapper! This is an expanded version of the talk he did at Iowa Code Camp in October, which was well attended and reviewed.

Topic: Automapper – There’s a Map for that

Abstract: Transforming objects to a new form (projection) is coding that we’ve all written hundreds of times. Automapper is an object to object mapping framework that provides some great conventions to make this kind of operation much more simple. This talk will show how to use Automapper in your code. We’ll cover basic mapping and projection, flattening objects, overriding default mapping, overriding naming conventions and building customer type conversions and resolvers.

Speaker: Nate has been developing business applications for over 12 years. The last 9 years have been spent working primarily with C#. In addition to being incredibly dashing and ruggedly handsome, Nate is also very, VERY lazy. Because of this, he’s always looking for ways to leverage existing code and frameworks to increase productivity in his work. Some other things of note about Nate: 1) Nate has been known to do some amazing coding that he does not remember the next morning. 2) Nate is the “Coolness Czar” at his current company and flogs coworkers for not meeting his rigid coolness standards. 3) Nate always blames the Rules Engine. 4) Nate is known in three countries for his “luscious beard” and won last year’s beard/mustache growing contest at work with his version of the “monkey tail.”

If you plan on attending our meeting on December 3rd, please RSVP.

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