August 6th – Dynamic .NET with Keith Dahlby

After a month off in July, it will be good to get everyone back together in August and get up to speed on Dynamic .NET. We’ll also welcome Keith Dahlby back to our podium, which is always both a good time and informative. Hope to see you all there!

It’s been a few years since dynamic .NET went mainstream with the promotion of the Dynamic Language Runtime into .NET 4, but it’s still largely viewed as a fringe technology. This session aims to change that by reviewing what the DLR is, diving into how it works with C# 4 and Visual Basic 10, and looking at some interesting applications of dynamic typing in static languages. In particular we’ll discuss C# interop with IronPython and IronRuby; simplified data access through micro-ORMs like Simple.Data and Massive; and static duck typing with ImpromptuInterface.

Some info about Keith
Keith Dahlby is a new father, web developer, Git enthusiast, language geek and C# MVP from Cedar Rapids, IA. He leads the E–Commerce team at J&P Cycles and blogs about various software development topics with Los Techies. His open source efforts include posh–git, a Git environment for PowerShell, and FSRazor, F# support for the Razor view engine. Keith has spoken at community events around the Midwest and he studied Human-Computer Interaction at Iowa State University. His talks have been described as “terrific!”, “very interactive!”, and “the best I’ve seen all hour!”.

If you plan on attending our meeting on August 6th, please RSVP.

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