April 2nd – Repository Pattern with NHibernate in ASP.NET

We are looking forward to a visit from Mike Cole of Far Reach Technologies in Cedar Falls on April 2nd. Mike will be talking about the Repository Pattern with NHibernate in ASP.NET. Hope you can make it!

How do you do data access in your ASP.NET web applications? The number of choices can be staggering: ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Massive, Dapper, etc. etc. etc. Even when you chose a technology, what kind of architecture pattern will you use for the highest flexibility and lowest amount of friction?

In this presentation, Mike will show you a tried-and-true data access strategy. He’ll focus on using the NHibernate ORM with the Repository Pattern to create a powerful data access layer. He’ll use an Inversion of Control tool to decouple our data access from the rest of our application. He’ll show tips and tricks on how to create highly optimized database queries.

When we’re done, you should be able to set up a simple Repository Pattern on your own, and you’ll have an example ASP.NET MVC project that you can use to try to become a data access guru!

Mike Cole is a .NET Developer and aspiring software craftsman working at Far Reach Technologies in Cedar Falls. He is the president of the local CVINETA user group and is actively involved in the community. He is a diehard Hawks fan and a fairweather Vikings fan (at least he’s honest). He enjoys hunting, video games, technology, and chasing his toddler around trying to get out what he just stuck in his mouth.

If you plan on attending our meeting on April 2nd, please RSVP.

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