Nate Adams will Linq you up at our November 7 meeting

At our November meeting, you can get your Linq on with Nate Adams. Nate is returning for his second talk at CRineta and we’re happy to have him back.

Learning LINQ with Practical Examples
We’ll be talking through many of LINQs common operators but we’ll do that by looking at code. In many cases, we’ll look at the imperative “non-linqified” code and work toward making it more readable by rewriting it in a declarative, linq-y way.

Nate is a developer with eleven years of experience, eight of it in .NET. Over those years, he has worked for many different employers in the Corridor area: APAC, Rockwell, Aegon to name a few. He currently works at Integrated DNA Technologies writing WinForms applications used by the business. Nate says: “The thing I’ve learned more than anything else is that I still have so much to learn. I don’t expect that to ever change.”

If you plan on attending our meeting on November 7th, please RSVP.

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2 Responses to Nate Adams will Linq you up at our November 7 meeting

  1. Saul Tighe says:

    I’ve had about all I can stomach with your ‘Check if you are human’ checkbox on the RSVP form. If you CRitea folks think that you are too good for Cylons, well – let’s just say this skin-job will have something to say about that.

    -Colonel Tighe

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