October – Jon Von Gillern and a summary from BUILD

Join us in October to learn what Microsoft told attendees about the future of .NET and Windows at this year’s BUILD conference. Jon will share this information with us, having recently returned from that conference.

Microsoft released a whole lot of information about the future of Windows and .NET at the BUILD Conference in September. In this presentation we’ll go over all the highlights from Win8 Metro to Visual Studio 11 and .Net 4.5.

Jon is an IADNUG leader and consultant from West Des Moines, Iowa. He has been programing for the past 15 years and currently infatuated with writing WPF and Silverlight applications. Recently, Jon has created two tools that help .Net Developers write better code – Nitriq Code Analysis and Atomiq Duplicate Code Finder.

If you plan on attending our meeting on October 3rd, please RSVP.

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