Dual Sessions – September 12th

NOTE: We have returned to the Iowa Hall, Iowa Room D for our meetings.
ALSO NOTE: This meeting is on the 2nd Monday in September.

Our September 12th, 5:30 @ Kirkwood) meeting will offer two sessions, one by Keith Dalhby and one by CRineta President, Zac Harlan. Come and join us for our opening as a whole group and have some food then pick one of the sessions to attend.

Session A
Distributed Version Control: Attack of the Clones, Keith Dahlby
Everyone needs version control, but does it really matter what you use? As distributed systems like Git and Mercurial have taught us, it turns out it matters quite a bit. This talk will review the core concepts of distributed version control, show off a few advanced features you didn’t know you needed, and discuss options for getting started now rather than later.

Session B
Becoming a Data Savant: Correct Data in a Crunch!, Zac Harlan
Pulling data from an imperfect or unfamiliar database can be a scary thing. One incorrect join, one poor assumption or even one missing constraint on a table can affect the results of your data pull dramatically. This session will teach you how to quickly produce correct data with confidence… bringing you one step closer to becoming a Data Savant!

If you plan on attending our meeting on September 12th, please RSVP.

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