Create Business Applications with Silverlight

NOTE: We will be the same room as last month – Cedar Hall 3045 and 3046.

Our July 11th (5:30 @ Kirkwood) meeting will bring yet another presenter new to us, Chris Rouw. He will be presenting on Silverlight. We’ve had some introductory presentations on Silverlight previously, so it should be interesting to see Chris discuss it’s application on business applications.

If you are a .NET developer that is looking to create a business application with a rich user experience, then Silverlight might be the best tool for the job. Chris Rouw will share his thoughts and experiences on Silverlight and specifically using Silverlight to create business applications. The discussion will touch on the following topics along with several real-world examples.

  • Silverlight – quick overview
  • Creating Business Applications using Silverlight
  • Using WCF RIA Services to manage your data

Chris Rouw is a partner at Far Reach Technologies in Cedar Falls and has been working with Silverlight for over two years (since Silverlight 2). Chris and the team at Far Reach have created and implemented over 10 Silverlight business applications for internal use and for clients.

If you plan on attending our meeting on July 11th, please RSVP.

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