Enforcing C# Code Standards Using StyleCop and FxCop

NOTE: We will be the same room as last month – Cedar Hall 3045 and 3046.

Our June 6th meeting will bring another presenter new to us, James Hare. He will be presenting on enforcing C# code standards using StyleCop and FxCop. We’ve looked briefly at both before with short demos, but have never had a full presentation on them. It should be enlightening.

Most organizations have a set of code standards that they adhere to in an attempt to make code consistent and maintainable.  Unfortunately, enforcing these standards in code reviews can be time consuming and take attention away from real issues such as design and performance.  This presentation talks about ways to automate some basic code standards rules using Microsoft’s StyleCop and FxCop tools.

James Michael Hare is a solutions architect and C++/C# developer at a major financial services company located in Saint Louis, Missouri.  He has been developing for over 17 years and enjoys both developing, blogging, and mentoring.  He also blogs at http://www.geekswithblogs.net/BlackRabbitCoder and can be reached on twitter as @BlkRabbitCoder.

If you plan on making our meeting on June 6th, please RSVP.

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