January 10th, 2011 at 5:30pm

Language Integrated Query (LINQ, pronounced “link”) is a Microsoft
.NET Framework component that adds native data querying capabilities
to .NET languages. Think of LINQ as the SQL you write in your .Net
code against almost anything that holds data.

This presentation will introduce the LINQ syntax and concepts. We will
cover LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Objects, Standard Query Operators for LINQ
as well as Extension Methods. Developers can return to work tomorrow
and start implementing what they learn in VisualStudio 2008 or 2010.

Presenter: Dustin Thostenson

Dustin Thostenson is an independent .Net consultant, leading Delta 3
Consulting. He has been a developer and trainer in the Des Moines,
Iowa area for the last dozen years. His focus has been on Microsoft
technologies (ASP, VB, C#) with an emphasis on web development.
Experiences span from developer to architecture and mentoring roles.
To keep it interesting he teaches a couple of evening classes in
programming at Des Moines Area Community College, helps lead the Iowa
Dot Net User’s Group and volunteers in Central Iowa. To keep it real
he spends time with his wife and 4 kids. Follow Dustin on Twitter
@dustinson .

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  1. Chris Missal says:

    Before the meeting started, I was mentioning a site where you can store, push, run tests and deploy an MVC application all “in the cloud”. The site was AppHarbor, for those interested.

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