Explore the Possible – Best of PDC

Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference (PDC) is an event where they release information about trends and targets for their technology and tools releases that developers can use to build solutions. Last year they talked about Windows Phone, Silverlight 4, Azure and more. In this session Mike Benkovich will take us thru the main messages of what is announced at this year’s conference and show what new things developers should be aware of. From IE9 to Windows Phone Development, to OData and Azure, it will be a demo packed fun night of exploring the possible.

Mike Benkovich (twitter: @mbenko) delivers technical presentations around the U.S. as a developer evangelist on the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) team at Microsoft. He has worked in a variety of professional roles, including architect, project manager, developer, and technical writer. Mike is also an author of two books, published by WROX Press and APress, that show developers how to get the most from their SQL databases. Since appearing in the 1994 Microsoft DevCast, Mike has presented technical information at seminars, conferences, and corporate boardrooms across America.

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