Have you ever worked on system that could be described as a “Big Ball of Mud”? Have you ever wondered what you could do to become a better developer? In this presentation we’ll review the SOLID Principles and use them to solidify (pun intended) some “Muddy” code examples. You’ll leave this presentation with ideas on how to improve yourself, your
project and our industry.

Tim Gifford has over twelve years experience with software development and has been leading Agile teams since 2004. In 2006 he co-founded Agile Iowa, a group devoted to the promotion and discussion of agile methodologies. Tim served as a leader of the Iowa .NET User Group. He speaks frequently to user groups and at conferences including the
annual International Agile Conference.

He spends his days as a Software Engineer for GeoLearning in West Des Moines, Iowa and continues to improve, make mistakes and learn. He volunteers as a mentor to Waukee High School students for the Technology Association of Iowa’s HyperStream program.

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  1. Chris Missal says:

    Thanks for making the trip to Cedar Rapids and bringing a great discussion topic with you Tim!

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