April 7th Meeting Information

On April 7th, Chris Sutton will talk about TypeScript, which Microsoft calls “a language for application-scale JavaScript”. Microsoft’s commitment to this new abstract language over JavaScript has never been stronger. During an interview at last week’s Build conference, Anders Hejlsberg said that it is in use all over Microsoft. If you code any JavaScript today, you should make yourself aware of this significant new language that can ease some of the pain of JavaScript development.

Topic: An Introduction to TypeScript

Several years ago Anders Hejlsberg, creator of C#, started a new project called TypeScript that would provide a better experience for writing JavaScript and would introduce common constructs like interfaces and classes. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that gets compiled into standard JavaScript and runs on all of your favorite browsers.

We’ll look at the ways it extends JavaScript’s syntax, how it behaves in Visual Studio and how to get started using it.

Speaker Bio:

Chris Sutton is a software developer in Iowa City and typically is working on web related projects. He enjoys hiking, fishing, snowshoeing and gardening.

If you plan on attending our meeting on April 7th, please RSVP.

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March 3rd Meeting Information

On March 3rd, Greg Sohl will talk about symbol file usage and management for .NET applications.

Topic: A Great Clash of Symbols

We all use symbol files for debugging. They are built by default every time we compile in DEBUG mode. In this session we’ll look at managing symbol files and related source for builds so that they are available for later debugging, dump analysis or use with Intellitrace. We’ll explore various options for storing and retrieving them. We’ll see how Visual Studio searches for them and the requirements for using them. Packaging symbols with NuGet will also be looked at.

Speaker Bio:

Greg is a software architect with StoneRiver in Cedar Rapids. He’s spent the last 30+ years building commercially sold software in the financial industry. Greg is the Speaker Liason for CRineta and President of Iowa Code Camp. (@gregsohl / http://cwi-websoft.com/blog)

If you plan on attending our meeting on December 2nd, please RSVP.

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January 6, 2014 – Meeting Information

Once again, our January meeting will be a structured discussion session. Our last discussion meeting was enjoyed by all and evolved into a very educational evening. Monday night, we’ll start with the topic of “The new open source library I hope shows up in 2014″. You can submit additional topic ideas on our Google discussion group at http://tinyurl.com/CRinetaDiscuss. We’ll let the conversation evolve as it will and then enjoy some post-meeting time at Jerseys.

IMPORTANT: We’ll be in a different room, the Amana Room, just down the hall from our previous location.

Hope to see you all there.

If you plan on attending our meeting on January 6th, please RSVP.

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December 2, 2013 – Meeting Information

On December 2nd, Dennis Welu, from the Dubuque .NET users group (http://dbqineta.com/), will join us to talk about cross platform development with .NET. With the recent announcements during the VS 2013 release, this is an exciting time in cross platform development. Come out and join us learn about iOS, Android and Windows Phone dev with .NET!

Topic: Cross platform apps with Xamarin: Have your C# and mobile too.

We will discuss how you can take your .NET/C# skills and use them to start building mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Using Xamarin, it’s still possible to use Visual Studio, Linq, lambdas, and all the other goodies that make a lot of people appreciate the productivity possible with .Net/C#. We’ll also talk about ways to organize cross platform mobile solutions, some helpful cross-platform frameworks and libraries, and what some of the drawbacks and “gotchas” are.

Speaker Bio:

Dennis Welu is the owner and principal consultant of Motis Consulting. Dennis has over 20 years of experience in software development ranging from hands on engineering to product management to executive leadership. He has been a consultant to clients large and small – from startup to Fortune 100 companies. Motis is focused primarily on mobile software development.

If you plan on attending our meeting on December 2nd, please RSVP.

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October 7, 2013 – Meeting Information

For our October meeting, long time member Bill Sorensen will bring out the true spirit of our user group, sharing an interesting piece of code he’s been working on. Finite State Machines. We all use them in one form or another. Come learn about them and see how Bill built one using F#. And, to be sure you’re familiar enough F# syntax to appreciate the presentation, Keith Dahlby will spend 30 minutes before Bill’s presentation going over F# syntax. This will be a great night at CRineta!

Topic: How I Built a Finite State Machine in F# – FSM.NET

FSM.NET: A simple “stateless” finite-state machine library for .NET, written in F# – open-source at https://github.com/TrueWill/FSM.NET . We’ll be covering what a state machine is, why you’d want to use one, alternative libraries, and a little about domain-specific languages (DSLs) and functional programming.

Speaker Bio:

Bill Sorensen is a developer at Integrated DNA Technologies, primarily working in C#. His other interests include functional programming, photography, and all things Gothic. He blogs at http://www.truewill.net/.

If you plan on attending our meeting on October 7th, please RSVP.

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September 9, 2013 – Meeting Information

On September 9th, Nate Adams will join us to talk about Reactive Extensions. Been wondering about them? Already know a bit? Already seen his talk? No matter what your level of knowledge, Nate’s well reviewed talk is worth attending!

Topic: Introduction to Rx – A prescription for Awesome Code

Reactive Extensions (Rx) is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences and LINQ-style query operators. In this talk, you’ll learn the basics about what Rx is and how you can start using it to make your code more responsive. No knowledge of Monads is required for this talk :)

Speaker Bio:
Nate has been developing business applications for over 12 years. The last 9 years have been spent working primarily with C#. In addition to being incredibly dashing and ruggedly handsome, Nate is also very, VERY lazy. Because of this, he’s always looking for ways to leverage existing code and frameworks to increase productivity in his work. Some other things of note about Nate: 1) Nate has been known to do some amazing coding that he does not remember the next morning. 2) Nate is the “Coolness Czar” at his current company and flogs coworkers for not meeting his rigid coolness standards. 3) Nate always blames the Rules Engine. 4) Nate is known in three countries for his “luscious beard” and won last year’s beard/mustache growing contest at work with his version of the “monkey tail.”

If you plan on attending our meeting on September 9th, please RSVP.

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August 5, 2013 – Meeting Information

Keith Dahlby has a new topic for us in August. All area C# developers should attend this one! C# has expanded considerably in the past few releases. There’s plenty to keep up with and lots of “good stuff” too simplify your development life. Keith will be sharing some of those latest bits with us.

Topic: C# From Abstract to Yield: How Well Do You Really Know C#?

With each successive version, C# has added more and more keywords to do new and (mostly) exciting things. Before you can use them, you need to know they exist. From flagship language features like async and LINQ, to the subtleties of co- and contravariant generic type parameters, we’ll discuss every language keyword/operator and provide some context for when you might see it in the wild or want to use it yourself.

Speaker Bio:
Keith Dahlby is a new father, web developer, Git enthusiast, language geek and C# MVP from Cedar Rapids, IA. He blogs about various software development topics with Los Techies. His open source efforts include posh–git, a Git environment for PowerShell, and FSRazor, F# support for the Razor view engine. Keith has spoken at community events around the Midwest and he studied Human-Computer Interaction at Iowa State University. His talks have been described as “terrific!”, “very interactive!”, and “the best I’ve seen all hour!”.

If you plan on attending our meeting on August 5th, please RSVP.

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July 1, 2013 – Meeting Information

Back by popular demand, our July meeting will be a structured discussion session. Our last discussion meeting was enjoyed by all and evolved into a very educational evening. Monday night, we’ll start with the topic of “Build and Deployment Practices”. Come prepared to share a little about your own build and deployment practices so we can learn from each other’s environments. Tools used. Process. Frequency. Failure reporting and handling and other aspects can be covered. We’ll let the discussion evolve from there.

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June Meeting Information

June will be our 3rd month in a row with a visitor from the north! Jason, is an excellent speaker that we’re lucky to have back! Don’t miss him on June 3rd at 5:30pm.

We meet at Kirkwood Community College, in the Iowa Building, in the Iowa Room, at 5:30 pm. Details can be found at http://crineta.org.

Title: Metaprogramming in .NET
RSVP: http://crineta.org/448/june-3-2013-jason-bock-and-metaprogramming-in-net/

Metaprogramming…it’s a term that may come across as abstract, nebulous, or just downright scary. In this session, we’ll break down what metaprogramming is and why it’s relevant to know. You’ll also see the tools and frameworks you can use as a .NET developer (such as Reflection, Mono, and Roslyn) to make your programs simple and elegant.

Jason Bock is a Practice Lead for Magenic (http://www.magenic.com) and a Microsoft MVP (C#). He has worked on a number of business applications using a diverse set of substrates and languages such as C#, .NET, and Java. He is the author of “Metaprogramming in .NET”, “Applied .NET Attributes”, and “CIL Programming: Under the Hood of .NET”. He has written numerous articles on software development issues and has presented at a number of conferences and user groups. He is a leader of the Twin Cities Code Camp (http://www.twincitiescodecamp.com). Jason holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University. Visit his web site at http://www.jasonbock.net.

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May 6, 2013 – Mike Benkovich

Continuing our streak of visitors from the north, Mike Benkovich will enlighten us on building connected mobile apps with Microsoft’s ever-expanding Azure services. Mike, formerly with Microsoft, is an excellent speaker that you’ll not want to miss on May 6th at 5:30pm.

Topic: Building Connected Apps with Mobile Services

Abstract: Today’s users don’t live on just a workstation or a laptop. With the proliferation of laptops, smart phones, and tablets people work from a variety of forms and clients. Building applications that can leverage a consistent view of identity, data and services will enable the workforce to be productive wherever they are. In this session we’ll explore how to design and build applications using Windows Azure and Mobile Services that span the various device forms and platforms using the tools and features of the Cloud that make it all possible and easy.

Speaker: Mike Benkovich (benkotips.com)
Mike Benkovich is a former Microsoft evangelist who has spent his career helping developers explore and apply new technologies to solving information challenges. His website, benkotips.com, provides developers with resources to get started and work with technologies including cloud, data and devices. Follow him on Twitter @mbenko.

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